Founded in 1987, 1ST began to design, manufacture and supply Solvent Reclaimers and Washing Systems.

Security, Sustainability, Ecology and Economics: widespread concepts nowadays, they were targets since our inception; this long-term vision has allowed 1ST to get a positive feedback from the market placing the company as a sole partner and supplier of many customers worldwide.

ISTs product range is now one of the largest on the market, and is able to satisfy all possible customers' needs.

The experience gained over the years in sectors such as GRAPHICS, CHEMISTRY, AUTOMOTIVE, AEROSPACE, HOSPITALS, FIBERGLASS, PAINT and INKS, has made 1ST the supplier of choice, with more than 30.000 installations worldwide.

On the strength of positive experiences in foreign markets, in 1990 1ST established the company SET- Sistemas Europeos de Tecnologia S.L.,based in Vigo (Spain), mostly dedicated to follow up the localand the South American markets.


ISTs product range is now one of the largest on the market and includes: